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All stations listed below should work directly with Media Player for a HTC Touch Pro2.

Public Radio Stations

M - KPCC (Pasadena, CA)
H - [WM5]$KUOW (Tacoma, WA)
H - KALW (San Francisco, CA)
H - $WOSU 820 (Columbus, OH)

H - [XP]$KNOW (St Paul, MN){WM5 freeze}
H - [XP]KUT 2 (TX)
H - [XP]$WAMU (Washington, DC)
H - [XP]WAMU 2 (Washington, DC)
H - [XP]WAMU 3 (Washington, DC)
H - [XP]$WEVO (Concord, NH)
HF - WOI 640 (Ames, IA) new

Interesting Radio Stations (Trial)
H - Comedy 104
H - Comedy 104
H - Tom Leykis (HF)
HF - Infowars(Lo)

H - Haunted Voices Radio ?1
H - Haunted Voices Radio ?2
H - Infinity Radio (pls)
H - Infinity Radio

International Radio Stations

H - Radio Belarus
H - Radio New Zealand

General Radio Stations

M - BBC 5 Sport
H - Capital Gold
M - Hot Radio
H - Offshore Music Radio
H - Radio Caroline
M - Radio North Sea Gold
M - Virgin Classic Rock

Former Videos

M - EN TV (was Movies)
M - MOD TV (was Movie Trailers)
H - Franchise News 24 (was Information)
M - Earth Channel (has audio mode)
H - Earth Channel (has audio mode)


H - $KXOT (Tacoma, WA) (KUOW2)(link page)
H - $WABE 90.1 ??? (Atlanta, GA)
H - $WABE 2 ??? (Atlanta, GA)
H - $WABE 3 ??? (Atlanta, GA)
H - $WBEZ ??? (Chicago, IL)
H - KNPR 88.9 (LV, NV)
H - KNPR 3 (LV, NV)(scifri@2200h)
H - WHA 970 (Madison, WI)
H - WILL 580 (Urbana, IL)
H - $WNYC (NY, NY)
H - KALW (San Francisco, CA)
H - $WAMU (Washington, DC)
H - WAMU 2 (Washington, DC)
H - WAMU 3 (Washington, DC)

H - WABE (Atlanta, GA)
H - Chérie FM
M - RadioBBC 1
H - Radio Belarus (2) (3)
H - 99.9 Gretchen WKIS HD2


Video Categories

(Good) (Other) Movies
(Good) (Other) Movie Trailers
(Good) (Other) Weather
(Good) (Other) News
(Good) (Other) Local News
(Good) (Other) Financial
(Good) (Other) International Channels
(Good) (Other) Information
(Good) (Other) Entertainment>
(Good) (Other) Lifestyle
(Good) (Other) Shopping
(Good) (Other) Music
(Good) (Other) Cartoons
(Good) (Other) Youth
(Good) (Other) Kids
(Good) (Other) Games
(Good) (Other) Sports
(Good) (Other) Special
(Good) (Other) Misc

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